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For the last 30 years, our painstaking attention to detail has achieved us the status of being Miami’s leader in the cleaning and restoration of fine leather shoes and leather garments. Each item that we receive is meticulously repaired/restored and cleaned, no matter how large or how small the job may be. Whether a client brings in a shoe or handbag that met a glass of merlot, or a family heirloom rescued from an attic, our unprecedented dedication meets the needs of all valued clients.
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Soleguard (Steel tip for added protection)
A protective sole is applied to extend the life of the sole and increase slip resistance. Soles are available in black, beige, dark beige and white. We do not simply glue the protective sole on top of the existing sole, we carefully sand down the existing sole so that the soleguard is set firmly into the sole. This ensures that neither the balance nor the look of the shoes are affected.

Note: if the tips of the existing sole are worn down we must first repair the tip before putting on the soleguard (additional charges apply).
You can also mail in your repair needs directly to our repair facility.

Go to our Online Repair Form page and fill out a form to include
with your mailed in repairs.

Sunset Cobbler
5610 Sunset Drive
Miami, Florida 33143
(305) 665-7065

Upon receiving your items we will review your repair request
and contact you before we proceed with any work.

For an estimate before sending in your item email us:

Online Repair Form

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